Marketing Materials

Our in-house staff are available to produce effective color renderings and promotional pieces. Schematic drawings include identification of features and amenities of the project. The creative team has the experience to turn the preliminary designs into attractive drawings representing the attractive appearance of the completed work.

Schematic Planning

Preliminary drawings can be created during the due diligence period at a fraction of the cost of complete design drawings. These visually present the yield plans or conservation based development plans. Schematic drawings help to allow an overview of the site’s potential based on preliminary budgets which can reveal investment opportunities.

Site Feasibility Studies

BEA can provide a number of extremely useful reports that reveal the full scope of opportunities associated with a subject site. A typical set of feasibility study would include:

  • Slope Analysis
  • Yield Plans
  • Preliminary Budget Analysis
  • Suitability Analysis Reports

Pro-Forma Evaluations

Does a proposed project meet the minimum thresholds to indicate a probability of success? What are the critical elements of the plan required to meet return on investment requirements? Feasibility studies greatly facilitate investment support early on in the process.

Brooks Engineering Associates provides the complete range of Civil Engineering services.

  • All Site related Design drawings
  • Full Permitting Services
  • Project Management
  • Integration of Traffic and Environmental Engineering
  • Coordination of Geotechnical Engineering