Cottages of Boone

Boone, NC
Civil Engineering, Environmental Services, Surveying, Soil Science Services

Springs-Apartment-Civil-EngineersThe Cottages of Boone project is a marquee project for BEA as they designed and managed all aspects of this one-of-a-kind project. The recent growth at Appalachian State University has left Boone with a shortage of student housing. A national student housing developer has undertaken a unique project to provide approximately 900 student beds in cottage style development, high atop mountainous terrain near Boone, NC. The facility is unique in that it is a cottage style student housing project, with incredible mountain views. It is all supported with onsite water supply and wastewater treatment systems.

The development required an assemblage of properties to get a ridgeline site with incredible views and provide for all the necessary access and infrastructure. BEA worked closely with the developer, land planner and local property owners on the: assemblage, delineation and subdivision of property plans. Implemented was executed and had a minimal impact on the landowners. BEA provided an initial ALTA survey, re-combination plat, jurisdictional waters survey, topographic survey, and construction staking.